Mindsmith Course Design

Oct 16, 2023


One tool I've recently stumbled upon, Mindsmith, is a platform that brings the power of artificial intelligence to visual and interactive course design. It's specifically designed for educators and instructional designers, to help create dynamic and personalized learning experiences. Let’s walk through how Mindsmith is elevating educators’ lessons:

1. Upload Your Content: You can easily lift static trainings, such as PowerPoints or Word documents, and transform them into dynamic experiences.

2. Personalize the Learning: Mindsmith’s AI assists you in tailoring lessons based on the lesson's purpose, context, and the student's role.

3. Interact with the AI: Don’t just set and forget! Work alongside the AI, guiding it in the development process whether you want a concept explained as a story or an analogy.

4. Collaboration is Key: You can add collaborators at any time to work together in real time, with updates you make automatically reflecting in the learning management system.

5. AI-Enhanced Feedback Loop: As you refine your lessons, Mindsmith's AI assistant aims to provide real-time adaptability to each learner’s identity. I would not bank on this feature as of today, though it is something to keep an eye on as AI improves.

6. Brand Alignment: Adjust the theme to resonate with your organization or school’s brand.

7. Simple Sharing: You have a vast array of options to disperse and showcase your lesson creations, ranging from email to SMS to PDF downloads.


You can visit the Mindsmith site by clicking here. The big three in Mindsmith’s favor, and why I thought to share this tool via a deep dive, are the following:

  1. Simplicity: Mindsmith has quite a user-friendly experience.

  2. Versatility: It’s quick and easy to create and evaluate your lessons as they develop. I think a cool implementation would be building out a whole two-week lesson plan within Mindsmith and tailoring it as you go based on the progress and interactions within the flow of the course.

  3. Smart Learning: Sharing and feedback become effortless. Collaborate with peers, and receive timely insights from students.